Gas Prices in Perspective

By: Natalie Swaby
By: Natalie Swaby

Gas prices are at an all time high... sort of.

The national average is over two dollars a gallon, and drivers are frustrated.

Driver Sam Haswell says, "when I rolled up at the gas station I was just shocked by how much it costs."

But do these costs deserve all the concern?

Bob Bartlett, President of the Petroleum Marketers Association, explains, "we kind of work ourselves into this notion that it's too high, well of course it's too high because it's relative. We all base it on what's relative, adjusted for inflation it's not."

In fact, adjusted for that inflation current prices would need to be a dollar more in order to be at an all time high. If you are still not convinced, we'll put the prices into perspective for you.

Driver Julie Chaffee-Mazza says, "as long as we are not paying as high as California, that is one way to kind of keep it in perspective."

And here is another way, just go to your local supermarket and look at the price for bottled water. A gallon cost of a $1.33, and if you go for the fancy stuff a gallon would cost $5.47. Orange juice is also $5, but milk rings up less at $2.40. Reach for a cube of soda and you'll also need to reach for $2.66 per gallon, a six pack would be $3.19. Sports drinks are $4.38, ice cream $6.60. Over on the liquor isle vodka's going to cost you $46 a gallon, and wine is even more expensive at $50 a gallon.

Comparing the prices with what people pay overseas also helps to put things into perspective since drivers in places like the United Kingdom and Norway can pay as much as five dollars a gallon.

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