Television Show Makes Middleton Visit "While You Were Out"

By: Justin Williams
By: Justin Williams

In the deck of relationship "Trump Cards" Elizabeth now holds the ace. She explains, "You can score some big point; he's never gonna be able to repay this, ever."

Thursday afternoon, the Middleton homeowner puts her partner in the hole luring him away from the house for a few days, so the folks from the popular TV program, "While You Were Out," can move in.

"We hope that in the process of doing what we do that we have a homeowner come back and be pleased with what we've done," says show carpenter, Andrew Dan-Jumbo, who explains this can be tough to do especially in this episode which didn't afford designer, Nadia Geller much time to develop her design.

Nadia says, "I had to come in and have a design within an hourso I sat on a sofa right over there and just did drawings and came up with a concept, and then we went shopping."

Elizabeth explains she wanted to create a room which will help her husband, Jose, feel better connected to his homeland.

"We're redoing the basement with a Venezuelan theme, using some of the textures and materials that you would see in typical Venezuelan design."

A crew of about 10 people have $7000 in renovations to do in the span of just two days. Then, when Jose gets home, it's (Surprise! Ahh, it's just you; get to work, Justin; let's go people!") Well somethin' like that.

"That's what keeps makin' me cry; I keep thinkin' of him walkin' down there and it just rips me apart; he's gonna be so happy," predicts Elizabeth.

Show host, Evan Farmer, explains, "Elizabeth is fantastic. Everybody's got a different story; everybody's got different passion that they're bringin' to, you know, to a room."

Here's to hoping this particular passion plays out. The episode is scheduled to air on The Learning Channel in August.

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