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Spirits Among the Spirits?

By: Justin Williams
By: Justin Williams

There's something spooky at the Baraboo Inn... at least that's what many folks in those parts say.

"When did I first start noticing things? It didn't take long." B.C. Farr practically grew up in and around Baraboo's Old Baraboo Inn, which he currently owns. And, while the proprietor was familiar with the 141-year-old building, he was not familiar with the level of paranormal activity he now reports.

Farr explains, "It's been rumored for many years this place has been haunted but the activity since I brought this place back to life—the activity's just gone bonkers."

Sandy Radke chimes in. "I opened the swinging doors and came in and this griddle here was tipped over sideways and there was nobody else here."

The stories may seem far-fetched, but if you doubt their credibility, you probably haven't visited, or shall we say "been visited."

Farr continues, "It's been hard. We've lost employees over it, we've lost renters over it. I'm losing another renter over it right now, I believe."

"We don't usually hear anything when we start, but when we're done we will rewind the tape and a lotta times we'll have answers to our questions on there," explains Jennifer Lauer, of the Midwest Chapter of the Paranormal Research Group, which B.C. has invited the Group to investigate this weekend.

Debbie Skinvik is a member. She says, "99% of the time when we go out and do these investigations, there's usually something explainable to it, but you get that small percentage where we can't explain it and that's what keeps us doing this... outta curiosity."

But Farr is far from curious... he's convinced. "They really don't hurt anybody, but they just disrupt things and scare people, I think. And people that don't, or haven't had to handle that I think have a real hard time with it," he says.

B.C. Farr tells NBC 15 the Paranormal Research Group was able to record some unusual activity during their investigation. He says the level of activity in the kitchen area was particularly high.

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