Funny Money Costs Local Businesses

By: Natalie Swaby
By: Natalie Swaby

Rick Schober is taking a close look at all cash that comes into MacTaggarts Market after he got stuck with some home made money.

Schober who is the store's general manager says, "I ended up taking a hundred dollars worth of them."

Then he cued up his security cam, and called the cops.

"As the police were down here looking at the video tape, the suspect had went home, changed his clothes, and was coming back to pass more 20's," tells Schober.

While police made an arrest there, an amusement store owner was not as lucky after he got a bad bill in Brookfield.

Fred Weigiel says, "for me it is so close, it was one that looked like it went through a washing machine, you know, so it was real flimsy."

It was also a hundred dollar bill. That's why he turned to a friend for a second opinion.

"It just didn't feel like the right paper," says Sharon Johnson. "It was thick, and the big thing was it didn't look like a hundred."

The Secret Service confirms the bill is bogus.

Agent Marianne Kenny says, "it is a bleached note which is a little bit different than what they had been doing recently, in the recent pass."

If you look close at the bogus bill you see both Franklin and Lincoln, proof that the hundred is a five dollar bill.

"We've had the same notes come through Madison on a number of different occasions," tells Detective Tom Colby of the Madison Police Department.

Det. Colby says the best way to protect your wallet is to look for watermarks.

"You can see a polyester strip in the paper," he says.

"You always kind of look for it, but now I am much more cautious about it," offers Schober.

Being cautious is recommended. The Secret Service tells NBC 15 that they are seeing a reemergence of fake money throughout the state.

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