Running For Her Life

By: Justin Ware
By: Justin Ware

Maribeth Baker is a hard–working doctor who's also married and has three kids.

Every week, she starts the day with the kids and then goes back to the hospital, and then, the next day, more stuff with the kids ... and to the hospital and then the kids and then finally ... she can relax ... by running about 20 miles.

"I start out at 6–9 miles and then every week I add two miles, until I hit 20," said Baker.

Three hours of jogging might not be everyone's idea of kicking back, but Baker says she can't think of anything better.

"I'm alone," said Baker, "sometimes I listen to music, a lot of times I just meditate or pray or think about what's going on and it's quiet time for me."

On Monday, Maribeth Baker will be competing in the Boston marathon.

But there's more to this athlete's running, than relaxation or competition ... marathons, might have saved Baker's life.

"My job was just becoming incredibly busy and there was nothing left of me," said Baker. "I had what was practically a nervous breakdown."

With a family history of depression, Baker says she felt herself slipping away.

She says she needed something else in her life, something away from the family and work to focus on.

So she started training for a marathon.

"I needed to do something that helped my physical as well as my emotional health."

Now, it's almost impossible to find Maribeth without a smile on her face.

And she owes a lot of it to running more than most of us could ever imagine.

"I probably wouldn't be able to accomplish as much in a day," said Baker. "I know I wouldn't be as healthy as I am, and I certainly wouldn't be as happy."

Baker says exercise can help everyone.

And it doesn't have to be running a marathon.

As an athlete and a doctor, Baker says something as simple as a daily walk can drastically improve someone's health.

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