Eating Jimson Weed Seeds Leads To Trip To Hospital

By: Zac Schultz
By: Zac Schultz

Horicon: Eating the seeds of the jimson weed is supposed to make you hallucinate, but some of the people who took it in Horicon hallucinated so much they ended up in restraints in the hospital.

"You don't hear about this until something bad like this happens," says Horicon Police Chief Joe Adamson.

Most people haven't heard about jimson weed before, but seven people in Horicon learned all about it last Thursday. "It's my understanding that one of the young men had read on the internet that jimson weed will cause you to hallucinate and get you high," says Adamson.

Seven people ranging in age from 14 to early twenties ate the seeds in an apartment in this building. Within 10 hours 5 of them were at the hospital.

Jake Pankow was one of them. "We ate them. 20 minutes later I was falling over seeing things."

Police got involved when they found a stalled out car on Highway 33. The police report says the driver was unconscious.

Jimson weed can cause aggression in some people, and when the driver woke up, three officers couldn't control him. "They sprayed him with O.C. They still were not able to get voluntary compliance and they ended up tazing him," says Adamson.

The host of the party wandered away sometime in the night. "We ended up finding him at about 6:30 in the morning. He had wandered into someone else's house and went to sleep on their couch," says Adamson.

Dr. Kenneth Solis is the Director of Emergency Services at the hospital where the victims ended up, some of them in restraints due to their hallucinations. "It causes hallucinations and sometimes they don't realize they're hallucinating even. It's potentially dangerous. There's a lot of affects on the nervous system."

Chief Adamson hopes this serves as a warning to others who may read about jimson weed on the web. "Go to WebMD after you go to"

Dr. Solis says most people learn their lesson. "Fortunately, the people who do use it only use it once because they realize it's not a fun trip."

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