Infant Massage Can Make Life Easier for Parents and Children

When you think about getting a massage, well it might actually make you sleepy it's so relaxing.

A new study proves what some experts have known for a long time - it's also good for your babies and children.

It seems like a no-brainer, touching your new little bundle of joy is good for them, not to mention necessary for the diapers, feedings - just about everything.

But experts like baby massage instructor Arlinda Michael, who's been working with babies for decades, say a parent trained in infant massage can make life easier for everyone.

Michael says, "The baby relaxes and the baby starts to be easier to care for, they sleep better, they poop better, their temperament is smoother."

That grabbed the attention of new mom Amala Heeter.

Heeter says, "I was kind of bored of what we had already figured out with each other so I was looking for different options."

Amala and her husband Andy took a course to learn to massage their 6-month-old daughter Gemma. She's an active baby, but she's learned to be very content and relaxed every day for about a half-hour.

Heeter says, "For me it was great because I felt good about doing something for my baby that's beneficial to her health."

Infant massage is an option more and more parents are choosing. While other cultures and countries have known it for centuries, we're just getting started. New parents are paying attention - for good reason.

Michael says, "The massage helps all the systems of the body. It helps the muscles relax, stimulates the immune system, the lymphatic system."

It also helps parents to connect and learn the subtle communications of a newborn. Arlinda recommends starting at birth .... and continuing throughout childhood.

"Another powerful benefit of touch is when your children are in stressful situations or your babies get their immunizations, you can use touch to help them relax"

Arlinda says massage can be continued as a family tradition, especially valuable in our over-scheduled, busy world.

There are community classes available at 4 locations in Madison - Dean & St. Mary's Health Works, Happy Bambino, Madison Birth Center and Meriter Hospital.

For More Information Contact:

Dean & St. Mary's Health Works = 824-4400
Happy Bambino = 204-6147
Madison Birth Center = 821-0123
Meriter Hospital = 267-5900

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