Board Approves Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public, it's an issue many nursing mothers go through including Madison resident Carousel Bayrd.

"because it's really frustrating, you get harassed when your nursing and you feel very self conscious and you don't mean to be," Bayrd said.

For Bayrd she says breastfeeding her eleven-month old daughter is an intimate experience.

But stares from the public made her feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

Bayrd who is also a Dane County board member decided to propose a law allowing mothers to breastfeed in public without being harassed.

"basically everybody I know that nurses has stories of negative attention that have happened and now that I have proposed this I have gotten literally dozens of letters and e-mails letters via e-mail about incidents that have happened to people."

Tonight the ordinance was proposed to the Dane County Board, rallying behind the ordinance, the Le Leche League, an organization that focuses on the importance of nursing.

"and although we are trying as a country and actually as a whole world to improve breasfeeding rates, the fact that mothers feel embarrassed or that people have asked them to leave or go breast-feed in a bathroom has made it very difficult," Anne Altshuler with La Leche League said.

and as for those who feel breast-feeding should be done in private.

" I completely understand and respect their opinion but the issue is that no one is trying to force this upon you if you don't like someone breast feeding or nursing you should you know just look the other way," Bayrd said.

Those who opposed the ordinance mainly were concerned about the police enforcement for the new law, which states you can be fined up to one-hundred dollars if you interrupt a mother breastfeeding.

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