The Milkman Makes a Return

There was a time when more than just the newspaper boy stopped by your home in the morning.

For most of us, that is a thing of the past.

But one local farm is trying to bring back an old tradition.

"Usually every Friday we get it delivered," explains customer Shelly Eno, "We just love it!"

Evan McAteer is the manager of Artisan Foods Delivered.

He brings 100 customers their morning milk every week.

"They really are taken by the service that we offer and the quality of the products," says McAteer, "Knowing exactly where they're coming from, the people who are making them."

This milk is made at Blue Marble Family Farm in Barneveld.

"My philosophy is to get back to where the farmer and the consumer know each other," says Nick Kirch.

Kirch owns and operates the farm.

He says it's one of only two in the state that does it all, from milking to processing to bottling to home delivery.

"You know it's getting there fresh," says Kirch, "It doesn't sit on the store shelf, it comes right from our cooler right directly to you."

Blue Marble milk is also not homogenized.

"Homogenization is taking the fat molecules and smashing them up so tiny that they will no longer float," Kirch explains, "This is a bottle of milk that is not homogenized and if you look closely, you can see a cream line."

Kirch says that along with bottling in glass makes a big difference.

"It tastes a richer, sweeter flavor. It keeps the freshness. It keeps the coldness. It keeps the quality of the milk much better."

And his customers agree.

Eno says, "It tastes better and it's fresh and it comes to my door. I guess we can't beat that!"

"My kids wouldn't go back to the other kind of milk I think because there's a big difference in taste," adds customer Lorie Raihala.

She has been a delivery customer since the service started last fall.

"We thought, well Wisconsin is the dairy state, we'd really like to support local farmers and producers if we can. Plus, we like the delivery, that makes it so I don't have to shop as much!"

She says the relationship between herself and her milkman delivers an even better experience.

"I especially like it that my kids can know where we get our food, it's not just something we pull off a shelf in our supermarket."

McAteer says, "The ones that are home when I deliver come out and say hello, ask how things are, how Nick is doing, how the cows are doing, so it's, they are good friends."

Proving that even in a growing city like Madison, people can keep old traditions alive.

"So if you hear this is the morning," says Kirch as he clinks two bottles together with a smile, "You know the milkman is there!"

One-third of their total business is home delivery.

You can find Blue Marble milk at a select number of area stores.

Here is that list:
Bill's Foods, Oregon
Daniel's Sentry, Belleville
Gempler's Supermarket, Monticello
Harvest Market, Barneveld
Hollandale Grocery, Hollandale
Kalschuers, Mt. Horeb
Local Choice, Spring Green
Magic Market, Madison
Mazo Liquor, Mazomanie
Millers, Verona
Roy's Market, New Glarus
Trillum, Mt. Horeb

To check out the foods that are available from Blue Marble farm, go to their website,

To get more information on delivery services, including other products that are offered, go to or call (608) 924-1824.

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