Strip Club Sparks Debate

Only one intersection marks the small, unincorporated community of Pine Bluff.

And for years Kitts Korner Bar and Grill has been a main attraction with a baseball field, bar and indoor volleyball court. But last Friday that court turned into a stage for nude dancers.

Many were shocked and angered.

"This is a nice small community with a lot of good hard working people and they don't deserve to have this kind of stuff right next door to their place," says Pine Bluff resident, D.J. Taz.

Some were more angered because last summer the same owner opened a strip club in Bristol to similar reaction.

That spurred discussion of a county law that has been seven months in the making.

Dane County Supervisor Andy Olsen says, "Actually for a zoning ordinance seven months is pretty good because zoning ordinances are different from all the other ordinances we do. And really there was homework that we had to do, it's not our job to just rubber stamp this thing and wave it through."

The ordinance is up for vote Thursday. That's why some speculate the strip club's owner wasted no time setting up shop.

"From what I've seen of this, from the photos I've seen inside the place it looks to me like this was slapped together pretty quickly," says Olsen, "And there's no saying he couldn't ha've slapped it together a month ago or two months ago."

He says because of the quick change over, owners may not have covered all of their bases.

"A month from now, the place, I doubt it will be a strip club."

Taz says, "They don't want it and they will fight it as much as they can to try to keep it out of here."

Until that happens, this community is left waiting and wondering.

If the Dane County Board passes the ordinance Thursday, the 34 members of the Dane County Towns Association could veto the zoning chapter with a majority vote.

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