The thigh gap trap

The Anti-Thigh Gap Jean

A new company called Barbell Apparel is now accepting pre-orders for it's new jeans brand. The company says the jeans are built for athletic people with big thighs. The creator says too many people were having their jeans be too small in the thighs or too big in the waist.

The jeans started as a small project on Kickstarter and reached its goal of $15,000 in just 45 minutes.

The project has now reached nearly $500,000, for the jeans that you wont have to squeeze your thighs into.

Deliveries are scheduled to go out in July.

Posted, Tuesday May 20, 2014 --- 4:10 p.m.

The days of muscular thighs and well defined derrieres are gone, and the new trend, thigh gap.Have you heard of it?

It's an ongoing problem with teens and now advertisers are hopping on board with the trend, but are they taking it too far?

It's a frenzy littering websites like Instagram and Tumblr with its hashtag "thigh gap".

"The place I hear about thigh gap the most is definitely online when you see a lot of pictures of people with the thigh gap, and you see a lot of women posting they wish they could look like that," says Middleton High School Senior, Rachel Trepczyk.

But what is thigh gap?

"I see people looking for a thigh gap and trying to get thinner and thinner so they can have that thigh gap," says sophomore Audrey Loomis.

It simply refers to the space, if any, between your thighs when your legs are together.

"I do know a couple people that it is something that's very important to them, like they're very proud of it and if you talk about it they're like, yeah that's right I do have a thigh gap," says senior Virginia Wagner.

These girls at Middleton High School say it might not be talked about much, but it's definitely thought about.

"I still do think that people are sub consciously always aware of it. If someone were to mention something about it, like maybe wearing shorts its something they would be more self conscious about it," says freshman, Kei Kohmoto.

With the round the clock accessibility to the internet, teens say it's not just peer pressure, it's societal pressure.

"It's very unsettling to look at just seeing how many women don't feel comfortable in their own bodies," says Trepczyk.

Beyonce is a beauty icon, showing off her hourglass figure and curves with pride. So iconic that Time Magazine made Beyonce the cover girl of its "Worlds Most Influential People" issue.

But has Queen Bey too fallen victim to the thigh gap craze? The superstar posted a picture of her golfing last month, and the Photoshop rumor mill started churning.

Senior, Kimberly Worden says, "I think Photoshop itself in advertisements shouldn't be allowed because those aren't realistic but that's what they're striving for even though it's not even realistic for the model."

She says it's people like Beyonce that teens are trying to emulate, and if it's not real, they're chasing unattainable goals. But Kei Kohmoto says Beyonce is just like anyone else. Self conscious at times.

"Since she's so well known, there are going to be people who point out her flaws just like anyone else at this school. I think that we should be accepting of her maybe not feeling comfortable with her body type even though how famous she is, she's still a person and cares what people think of her."

Speaking of Photoshop faux pas, Target had one for the books earlier this year posting a picture that was clearly edited to give the model that coveted gap between her legs, but they went a little too far, cutting out part of the models crotch.

"Look at images that may not even be real images and then they try to do things to their own bodies to make them look like that," says Trepczyk.

The worst part about the botched crotch? The swimsuit was in the juniors section. Targeting girls younger than high school. The big box store later apologized for the photo and removed it from its website but Psychiatrist Peggy Scallon says the damage was already done.

"The media perpetuates that by Photoshopping images to try to create a standard of beauty that's not consistent with health or strength."

She says girls put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve unrealistic standards of beauty.

"Undoubtedly social media is really impacting kids these days and it's all new uncharted territory."

And often times she says that leads to dangerous and even deadly habits.

"Often eating disorders are among the most lethal of all the psychiatric disorders that we treat."

So what can you do to help your kids beat the pressure? Scallon says talk to them. No matter how many times they see a model with toothpick thighs, or a friend gloating about her gap, she says what parents think or say has an impact 10 times that.

"Talk about it and challenge some of those ideas."

And if that doesn't work, take the word of this teenage boy. Confidence is hotter than thigh gap.

"With the thigh gap and everything it's really just a style and i think the most important thing in beauty what's beautiful is loving yourself, nothing more," says Daniel Hernon.

Now most websites like Instagram, Tumblr and even Pinterest have warnings that pop up when you search for the term "thigh gap" encouraging anyone with an eating disorder to get help.

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