Friday the 13th: What's behind the superstition?

By: Britni McDonald Email
By: Britni McDonald Email

September, Friday the 13--- 6:30 p.m.

Superstitions are at an all time high, and the unlucky just got unluckier all because of one day: Friday the 13th.

"Weird things can happen. Little things big things," said Kayla McKee.

On a day that falls once, twice, sometimes three times a year, some don't want to leave their house.

"People have morbid fears of it," said Madison College instructor, Luke Matthews.

"I totally believe in it," said McKee.

A common theory behind the phenomenon of Friday the 13th is tied to Biblical events.

"It has something to do with Friday being an unlucky day because that's when Jesus was crucified and the 13 is unlucky because Judas was the 13th guest to the last supper," said Matthews. "So you put those together ones unlucky the others unlucky and now you're really unlucky."

But it's true meaning and origin is still unclear.

"It seems to just have been a popular culture notion thing nobody wrote it down," said Matthews.

Even without a clear reason, the fear associated with this day cannot be broken.

"Every since I was little, superstition has always been there," said McKee.

"It's something about trying to negotiate the uncertainties of life," said Matthews.

But for people like Robert Dunn, Friday the 13th isn't about fear.

"I own all the movies," said Dunn.

Tonight he'll be carrying out a tradition.

"I start with the first one and go all the way to the last one on the day," said Dunn. "It started when i was a year old."

No matter what your belief, or if it's all just in your head, in our society, Friday the 13th will never just be another day.

"You remember the unlucky things that happen to you on Friday the 13th," said Matthews.

The next Friday the 13th this year is in December.

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