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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Would you stop eating butter or burgers because they cost more? That's the dilemma facing consumers in Denmark, which has imposed what's being called a "fat tax," The tax is based on the amount of saturated fat in a food product. A government official says the tax will tack on about $0.15 to the price of a burger -- and raise the price of a small package of butter by about $0.40. The tax was approved by large majority in a parliament in March as a move to help increase the average life expectancy of Danes. Other European countries already have higher fees on sugar, chocolates and soft drinks. But it's believed Denmark is the first in the world to tax fatty foods.


MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- A person described as an "overeager employee" has been suspended, this after the worker allegedly posted a fake image on Facebook -- and caused an Internet sensation in the process. The photo was of three senior officials inspecting the typhoon-ravaged Manila Bay. Turns out the image was photoshopped -- and when that was found out, bloggers had a field day with it. Some took the three officials and inserted their images into iconic works like the Last Supper and famous movie posters. A Philippine official insists the officials really did inspect the damage at the Bay -- and didn't know about the bogus image posted on the Department of Public Works and Highways Facebook page.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- You may have heard of packs of dogs roaming cities. But in San Francisco, there is a real dog PAC. That's "PAC" as in a political action committee -- dedicated to making sure dog owners have more pull than say, a stubborn mastiff tugging on a skinny kid's leash. There are more dogs than kids in San Francisco -- so dog owners feel they have enough political clout to swing the upcoming mayoral race. The PAC supports things like more dog parks and other animal-rights issues. The head of DogPAC says he expects "the dog vote to be a game-changer." And apparently politicians are quick to "heel" in this case. The PAC held a forum Saturday -- and several mayoral hopefuls turned out. Some campaign web sites even note where candidates stand on puppy policy.


SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts (AP) -- People are talking about the show-stopping performance during the Stevie B show in Springfield, Massachusetts the other night. Only it wasn't the singer who was stopping the show -- it was the police. They busted the singer on stage on charges of owing $420,000 in child support. Stevie B. is best known for the song "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" which topped the charts in 1990. But authorities say he wasn't showing his babymama much love -- nor did he send the postman her way with support checks. The singer is to be arraigned today.


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) -- This one goes into the books as "E-dad," if you're scoring at home. And chances are, a Taiwanese baseball fan won't be scoring much at home after what he did at a recent game. When a foul ball came toward his seat, he reached for the souvenir while holding his daughter. He ended up with his hand on neither -- losing the baseball and dropping his young daughter into the seats in front of him. While mom wasn't all that excited about him losing the ball, she WAS upset that he dropped their child. Though the child wasn't badly hurt, TV cameras caught mom giving the clumsy dad a death stare. And her anger at him didn't end when the game did. She told reporters after the contest she was still steamed because he seemed to want the ball so badly, he dropped his own daughter.


ATLANTA (AP) -- The last time many of us remember Taylor Swift being on stage with a rap star, it didn't go well for her. She lost her mic to Kanye West, who vented to the VMAs that she didn't deserve her award for video of the year. But this rapper-country star encounter went much better. It happened last night when Swift performed at Philips Arena in Atlanta. She teamed up with T.I. on his song "Live Your Life." She began by crooning the first chorus of the song -- and the rapper joined her onstage to do the rap parts. It isn't the first time Swift has invited artists from other styles of music onstage during her tour. Artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj joined her during her performances.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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