Thursday Morning Bizarre News Headlines


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- We won't be seeing former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in a ball gown. The Republican congresswoman from Minnesota says she isn't going to be on "Dancing with the Stars" next season. A statement says the rumors that she would be on the high-rated ABC show are false. But Bachmann admits she does love ballroom dancing. In the interest of full disclosure, Bachmann adds she won a polka competition in the 10th grade.


HARVEY, Ill. (AP) -- Remember the mall in "The Blues Brothers"? It's being wrecked and not just by the old police-car-turned Bluesmobile. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced yesterday that demolition has started at the Dixie Square Mall in suburban Chicago. It's been an eyesore for 30 years, since the climatic chase scene for the John Belushi-Dan Aykroyd movie was filmed.


UNDATED (AP) -- You may have heard that Kellogg is buying Pringles for $2.7 billion from Procter and Gamble. But how much do you know about Pringles trivia? It takes about three or four potatoes to make a can of Pringles chips. The name Pringles comes from Pringle Drive in Cincinnati. An employee of Procter and Gamble thought it had a cheerful, nostalgic sound. And the man who invented the Pringles packaging system had some of his ashes buried in a Pringles can.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- There's hot, there's hotter and then there's the Scorpion. Researchers at New Mexico State University report the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chile is the hottest on the planet. Paul Bosland is a renowned pepper expert and director of the university's chile institute. He says the pepper is quite nasty. Researcher Danise Coon adds it's so hot, the pepper was able to get through the rubber gloves they were wearing. She says that's never happened before. But the researchers note the pepper is also tasty -- in very tiny amounts.


PHOENIX (AP) -- One Arizona lawmaker wants to ban cussing in the classroom -- by teachers. State Senator Lori Klein would nix the same sort of four-letter words you can't say on TV or radio. Klein says teachers are there to educate, not to "talk smack." She says she introduced the bill after a parent complained about a high school teacher using foul language. Under the proposal, a dirty-mouthed teacher could be fired after the fifth offense.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- So, what's it like being a genius? Fourteen-year-old Moshe Kai Cavalin hates that question. He entered college at eight, and earned two associate degrees from East Los Angeles Community College by age 11. Soon, he'll be graduating from UCLA. He's written a book in Chinese and English editions titled, "We Can Do." He says other people can accomplish what he has done. He says you don't have to be a genius, just work hard. But Moshe adds kids may have to cut down on their TV watching.

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