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Infinity Martial Arts Kick for a Cure for the Carbone Cancer Center

Date(s): 9/7/2014


3179 Muir Field Road, Madison, WI
Infinity Martial Arts of the Madison/Fitchburg school will be hosting a fundraising event for the Carbone Cancer Center during the Lymphoma Awareness Month. This fundraiser will be held on 07Sept from 11-2pm. Infinity chose this charity and issue because lymphoma has deeply touched all of them at the school. They have witnessed the struggles and challenges a family has had to face when one of their own was diagnosed with this disease.

This event will bring the school together as a family and a community to help support those faced with one of the toughest challenges a family may face. This fundraiser offers an opportunity for the students, family members plus the surrounding community to participate and give; empowering all with the knowledge and understanding if we work together we can find a cure. Additionally. charitable actions like these are a fundamental part of the mindset of a martial artist. Respect, teamwork and good deeds build positive personal character and growth..

Kick-A-Thon Summary of activities- plus many more.
Infinity has planned activities to engage the student and the community by the following-
1. Kick-a-thon fundraiser- Infinity students are going to family and friends with a pledge sheet requesting a pledge per kick or a donation. The kicks will be counted during the fundraiser for a timed period. Students will then take their pledge sheets back to their family and friends and collect the pledge money for the number of kicks performed. All proceeds will go to the Carbone center.
2. Board Break Workshop- offers all an opportunity to pick a board, design the board with colors and pictures and then learn how to break the board with the marital artist fundamental steps in focus and power. All proceeds will go to the Carbone center.
3. Work with a black belt – seminars with black belts to learn the fundamentals of Karate.
4. Games and Activities
5. Raffle drawing for prizes
6. A representative from the Carbone Cancer Center will be present to give background information on Lymphoma and how these activities that the students and families are participating in will benefit the research for a cure.
All of the proceeds will go to the Carbone Cancer Center.
Tyler Shaub owner/chief instructor 5th degree black belt in Karate

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Walt Smith Charity Golf Outing

Date(s): 9/16/2014


Baraboo Country Club Baraboo WI
Golf outing to raise money to help support The Hope House of South Central WI. Money also donated to the Baraboo Police and Fire Academy Alumni Association to buy safety equipment for the Baraboo Police and Fire Departments, along with the Baraboo Police Canine program. The event is 18 holes of golf with cart. Entry fee also covers a steak dinner afterwords. Raffle and Auction to help raise money.
Officer Mark Creighton
Baraboo Police Department

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Lake Melvin Yacht club's Dane Oktoberfest

Date(s): 9/5/2014 Date(s): 9/6/2014

Sept. 5th 6pm - 11pm Sept. 6th 8:30AM - 11PM

Bert Deans Park, Dane, WI
Come down to Lake Melvin Yacht Clubs Dane Oktoberfest Friday night and Saturday for food, drinks, raffles, auctions and some co-ed softball. DJ playing Friday and Saturday afternoon. Badger game on the loud speaker. Saturday kids games and activities 11-2 and a free bounce house 11-7. All proceeds raised go to assist local families in need in the Dane, Waunakee and Lodi areas. "Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Need"
Beth Ripp 608-206-0077, Event chair

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Wine & Art for GBS

Date(s): 10/11/2014


Fawn Creek Winery Wisconsin Dells, WI
The goal for my first fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible for the GBS-CIDP Foundation International for research and those that are less fortunate.

Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) is an auto-immune disorder that affects the peripheral nervous system. It is a rare disorder that attacks the nerves, which usually starts out with tingling and weakness in the extremities. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing the entire body. Most people with this condition need to be hospitalized to receive proper treatment. The cause of GBS is unknown,
but is often preceded by an infectious illness such as respiratory infection or the stomach flu. Treatment
for GBS is IVIG (high dose Immunoglobulin therapy) and Plasmapheresis. The recovery time for GBS is different for every patient and can range from days, weeks, months, and even years. I was diagnosed with GBS on March 23rd
at UW-Hospital in Madison for 2 months. I was diagnosed by a spinal tap which illustrated my cerebrospinal fluid protein being higher than normal. A nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) was also done following the diagnosis, which illustrates slower signals travelling along the nerves. Over a
short amount of time (Approximately 2 days), GBS had affected my respiratory system which caused my lungs to collapse. I was placed on a ventilator for 5 1⁄2 weeks. While vented, I was placed into an induced coma for 3 weeks to allow my body to rest. Doctors started out by giving me 4 rounds of IVIG treatment, which didn’t show any sign of positive change. They decided to place a clavicle port for
plasmapheresis exchange. I received 7 rounds of plasma exchange and soon after the 5th to show signs of movement—was it the plasma or my fight for life? Doctors, nurses and I will never know. I came home to recover in May 2010 and started out-patient rehabilitation including speech,
occupational and physical therapies which lasted approximately 4-5 months. I have been blessed with a positive recovery and have become a Liaison for the GBS Foundation in the Madison area. I provide support, literature and patient visits to help those affected by this debilitating
Emily (Knapp) Fruik 708-710-7334

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