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First Annual Corn Fest Bike Tour

Date(s): 8/16/2014


Cannery Square/Corn Fest
The Sun Prairie Bike Tour will travel through miles of south central wisconsin's gently rolling terrain. Routes will be comprised of a metric centry 100k and a very beginner friendly route of about 35 miles. Lets make this a huge success!!
Please visit the following site for all the exciting detailed information~

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30th Annual Highground Bike Tour

Date(s): 8/1/2014 Date(s): 8/2/2014 Date(s): 8/3/2014

Multiple Days

The Highground, W7031 Ridge Rd, Neillsville WI 54456
The 30th Annual Highground Bicycle Tour will be held August 1 through the 3rd. This biking event features bicycle routes from across Wisconsin riding to raise funds for The Highground Veterans Memorial Park. This is a great event for bikers of all skill levels, families and those who wish to support our veterans. Bike routes will begin August 1st in Hayward, Middleton, Appleton and New Richmond. All routes will join together to enter The Highground on Sunday, August 3rd. If you can’t bike in the tour, please come to The Highground at 11:30am, Sunday, August 3rd to support our veterans and welcome the bikers riding in this historic event! The Highground is located at W7031 Ridge Rd, 3 miles West of Neillsville. For more information call 715-743-4224 or go to www.thehighground.org.
Theresa Hebert, 715-743-4224, highgrnd@tds.net

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CORP Fest & Pitch Black Single Track

Date(s): 8/16/2014 Date(s): 8/17/2014

all day

Camrock Park, Cambridge
The Capital Off-Road Pathfinders are proud to present CORPFest on Saturday 8/16 and Sunday 8/17. A mountain biking event for the whole family!
Capital Off-Road Pathfinders

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