Selected Community Events

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The Week of Honor & Remembrance

Aug 13, 0014 24 hrs/day

Aug 14, 0014 24 hrs/day

Aug 15, 0014 24 hrs/day

Aug 16, 0014 24 hrs/day

Aug 17, 0014 24 hrs/day

The Highground, W7031 Ridge Rd, Neillsville WI 54456
From August 13 – 17, The Highground will host “The Wall That Heals” Vietnam Memorial Wall; “The Wall of Remembrance” memorial wall to those who were killed in the Global War on Terror conflicts beginning with The Gulf War and all civilians killed in the attacks of 9/11; and The Canadian Vietnam Memorial Wall.
“The Wall That Heals” is a half-scale replica, approximately 250 feet long, of The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. The names of all the United States military personnel that were killed in action in the Vietnam War are on “The Wall”. There is also a large exhibit accompanying “The Wall That Heals”. This memorial wall and exhibit has allowed thousands of veterans who have been unable to cope with the prospect of facing The Wall to find the strength and courage to do so within their own communities, thus allowing the healing process to begin.
“The Wall of Remembrance” has never before been in Wisconsin prior to this upcoming event. It is a profound emotional exhibit that pays tribute to the U.S. casualties on the Global War on Terror. It is 95 feet long and includes over 9,750 names of the fallen from Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn and all those killed in the attacks of 9/11.
These two memorial walls along with The Canadian Vietnam Memorial Wall will all be present at The Highground from Aug 13 – 18th, the first time that all three walls have ever been exhibited together. On August 12th, all three walls will travel with a formal escort of over 100 motorcycles and other vehicles on a 187 mile procession to The Highground. The walls will begin their procession at Valley View Mall - JC Penney parking lot in Onalaska / La Crosse at 8am on Aug. 12th. There will be several one-hour stops at cities along the escort route. These stops, where the public can show their support and view the exhibit accompanying “The Wall That Heals” will be at Walmart in Sparta at 10am, the VA Hospital in Tomah at 11:45am, Rapids Mall – JC Penney parking lot in Wisconsin Rapids at 2:45pm, Target in Stevens Point at 4:30pm. The escort and the three memorial walls are scheduled to arrive at The Highground in Neillsville at 6:15pm.
The public is invited to share in this momentous event by visiting the walls at The Highground, W7031 Ridge Rd, Neillsville during The Week of Honor & Remembrance August 13 – 18. People may also show their support for our veterans and those who were lost by viewing the exhibit during one of the many escort stops and/or welcoming the escort along its journey. If you would like to be a part of the escort or would like more information on The Week of Honor & Remembrance daily events, please contact June or Theresa at The Highground at 715-743-4224, or go online to for updates.
You will not want to miss this unprecedented important chance to gather with others to support veterans and honor our fallen brothers and sisters.

Theresa Hebert, 715-743-4224,

Sheboygan County Veterans Memorial 20th Anniversary

Aug 20, 0014 Aug. 20-24 All Day/Recognition Ceremony on Sun 8/23 @ 1:00PM

Aug 21, 0014 Aug. 20-24 All Day/Recognition Ceremony on Sun 8/23 @ 1:00PM

Aug 22, 0014 Aug. 20-24 All Day/Recognition Ceremony on Sun 8/23 @ 1:00PM

Aug 23, 0014 Aug. 20-24 All Day/Recognition Ceremony on Sun 8/23 @ 1:00PM

Aug 24, 0014 Aug. 20-24 All Day/Recognition Ceremony on Sun 8/23 @ 1:00PM

3091 Wilgus Ave. Sheboygan, WI 53081
The Sheboygan County Veterans Memorial is pleased to announce their 20th anniversary.
The committee has partnered with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund of Washington DC and is having The Wall That Heals come to Sheboygan. The Healing Wall is a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is located in Washington, D.C.
When The Healing Wall comes to Sheboygan, it will be escorted by the American Legion Riders on Tuesday August 19 and will be set up on the grounds of the Sheboygan County Veteran’s Memorial which is just east of the Sheboygan Memorial Mall. This event will be open to the public starting on Wednesday August 20th – Sunday, August 24th 6:00PM.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to ride a classic Vietnam era Huey Air Ambulance helicopter for a membership fee amongst many other free attractions.
A recognition ceremony will take place on Saturday August 23 at 1:00PM in which guest speakers and numerous Veterans’ groups will honor our veterans of yesterday and today. Congregational members of neighboring Our Redeemer Lutheran Church will provide a brat fry on the day of the ceremony.
Please consider attending this moving and memorable event.
Let us remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
Remember our loved ones………our heroes.

Allen Nohl 920-207-1196