Fines possible under Dane Co. mask order

PHMDC plans to focus on education, not fines
Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 4:24 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Individuals and businesses that repeatedly flout Dane County’s impending order requiring most people to wear masks in many situations could face hundreds of dollars in fines.

According to Public Health Madison & Dane County, the complaint team it formed to respond to potential infractions will chiefly focus on educating unmasked violators.

“The goal of this team is to ensure that face coverings are worn when required by providing education first before looking towards enforcement,” the agency writes on its website.

However, PHMDC warns people who rebuff the order or businesses that don’t enforce it, for example by not requiring customers or staff to wear masks at large indoor events, could be cited. Those tickets would run:

  • MADISON: $376
  • DANE COUNTY: $263.50

Leaving others alone

While PHMDC has a team ready to educate and enforce the new requirement, the agency is also urging people not to take it upon themselves to intervene with others they believe aren’t following the rules.

“It is not your job to intervene if someone isn’t wearing a mask,” it wrote.

The agency points out that some people have conditions and circumstances that won’t allow them to wear a mask. For those individuals, as well as those under five years old, the emergency order has carved out an exemption.

Health officials say in cases where someone is near an individual not wearing a mask, they should simply continue wearing theirs and stay six feet away from others.

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