Local company working to sanitize sports during the pandemic

This year, keeping players safe, let's just say the opponent presents one of the biggest challenges any coach has ever faced – COVID-19
Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 9:19 PM CDT
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SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) - COVID-19 has not only changed the world forever, but has turned the sports world upside down. Local teams aren’t sure what the fall schedule will look like. But they may have found some help when it comes to winning, on and off the field.

The Sun Prairie Cardinals are one of the most successful football programs not only in our area, but in the state of Wisconsin. While winning has always been important to head coach Brian Kaminsky, safety of his players is the ultimate success.

“I think it’s as safe as it’s ever been,” Kaminsky says. “Our number of injuries has really gone down drastically over the last seven years. Part of that again is teaching fundamentals and limiting the amount of contact you have at practice.”

But this year, keeping players safe, let's just say the opponent presents one of the biggest challenges any coach has ever faced – COVID-19

“It’s such a fluid situation that it changes,” Coach Kaminsky says. “We’re into Phase 2, it seems we’re going backwards with how many people we can have. Just know as a football coach we’re gong to do everything we can to ensure safety, and make sure the kids are safe first and foremost as well as the coaches.”

COVID-19 is obviously the toughest opponent any team will face this season, but a local business may have the secret weapon coaches and student athletes alike will need to win this battle.

“I think in today’s world we need to protect our players and young people more than ever,” says Pro3 Solutions co-owner, Craig Oehrlein.

And Pro3 Solutions may just have the solution to keep those players safe.

“A disinfectant will kill virus and bacteria while it’s wet,” says Oehrlein. “Our microbial coating that we put down will continue to kill virus and bacteria when it’s dry, and our anti-microbial will actually destroy any bacteria and virus that in comes in contact with.”

So that means everything that you can't throw in the wash gets sprayed down in a process that only takes 2-3 hours.

“So the things that we specifically with football: we treat helmets and shoulder pads, knee braces, gloves quarterback wristbands, mouth guards and shoes. The beauty of our new system what we’re doing now is actually right inside the locker room. And when we treat inside the locker room, we’re not only hitting the equipment players play with who we actually use the lockers, as well we able to keep those and treat those and keep those disinfectant,” Oehrlein explained.

Besides protecting high school athletes on the field, Pro3 Solutions is also hitting the links, helping other local businesses in the process.

“We used to wash the carts every night and give them a quick wipe down in between customers but we never really thoroughly went through them like we do now like we do now so that’s another step and another cost but the cost benefit but the cost benefit we are lucky we can operate we feel really fortunate to be able to operate,” says Rick Nelson, Pro 3 Solutions co-owner.

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