Navy vet makes Christmas ornaments for Old Glory Honor Flight vets

Christmas ornament carved by Steve Henry for Old Glory Honor Flight veterans
Christmas ornament carved by Steve Henry for Old Glory Honor Flight veterans
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 7:18 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - One of the many challenges with the current pandemic is dealing with the disappointment of having to alter plans, but a Green Bay veteran isn’t letting it stop him from his mission to thank fellow veterans for their service.

After serving in the Navy from 1968 through ’72, Steve Henry moved on to career in law enforcement with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. It was during this time he discovered a passion.

“Mid 90′s, a co-worker got me involved in this as a stress reliever.”

Twenty-five years and thousands of tiny blades later, Henry has used his scroll saw to create countless pieces of art out of wood.

“I have over a thousand different patterns.”

And for Henry, aside from a few prized possessions, it's always been about giving his creations away.

“It’s family, friends, church, fundraisers.”

Recently, though, Henry realized he needed a new mission for his hobby. “Something for me to do other than sitting at the table and doing Sudoku puzzles all day long, and I thought of the Honor Flights.”

So Henry got busy, with the idea of making a Christmas ornament to present each veteran returning from Washington D.C. on an Old Glory Honor Flight.

Taking about an hour to make each one, Henry has made well over 100.

The only problem: All Honor Flights are canceled this year because of COVID-19.

So Henry says he’ll simply continue stockpiling until the day comes he can present his gift.

“Just thanking them for their service,” Henry said. “Whether you were a Marine, or Army or whatever, we were all in the same brotherhood.”

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