Uncertainty lingers for some high school student athletes amid COVID

70 percent of high schools in the badger state are playing fall sports. Other districts opted out, citing COVID concerns.
Published: Sep. 27, 2020 at 10:51 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -Some high school athletes in Wisconsin are hitting the field for fall sports, but others are in limbo, not knowing if they’ll play this school year.

“I wish we could play as well, but I guess it’s a part of what’s happening right now that we have to deal with,” Owen Konopacki, Sun Prairie High School Football Player said.

It’s a senior year of uncertainty. Owen Konopacki planned to hit the football field one last time before graduation.

“When it first came out, when it was canceled, it was pretty disappointing and pretty tough,” he said.

Sun Prairie High School opted out of a fall sports season, citing covid concerns, alongside other high schools across Wisconsin.

“It’s frustrating when you see other conferences throughout the state and teams are playing football, but for some reason they were able to figure things out,” Kevin Konopacki, Sun Prairie High School Kicking and Punting Coach said.

While some high school athletes were sidelined for the season, others have been playing

“It’s disappointing for those people who aren’t allowed to play,” Travis Wilson, Wissports general manager said.

Wilson is an authority on high school sports in Wisconsin. He said 70 percent of high schools in the badger state are playing fall sports.

“Not everyone is playing. The teams that are out here playing, it’s certainly a blessing for those kids, for those teams and those communities that are able to get back,” Wilson said.

He said with COVID as a key player this year, hitting the gridiron comes with a risk.

“Ultimately you can’t reduce the risk 100 percent, and that’s what everyone understands. Everybody that’s out here playing understands there is a risk involved,” Wilson said.

Despite the uncertainty, Owen remains optimistic he’ll be back on the field in the spring.

“That’s all I’m hoping for. I’m very optimistic about it. I’m banking on it,” Owen said.

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