Father and son make surgical team

Dr. Tom Florack and Dr. Michael Florack at work in the operating room.
Dr. Tom Florack and Dr. Michael Florack at work in the operating room.(WBAY)
Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 2:27 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A local father and son have joined together to make a unique team.

They’re partners, both orthopedic surgeons for Prevea Heath.

In a corner office at the Prevea Health Allouez Center, Dr. Tom Florack, and his son, Dr. Michael Florack are going over a patient’s case.

“It’s been surprisingly natural and easy, it’s just been fun,” says Dr. Tom Florack.

In the office is an art project Michael made when he was 13 years old, a skeleton out of spaghetti noodles that his dad had framed.

“My dad’s been my hero since I was a little kid,” says Dr. Michael Florack.

Michael arrived at Prevea earlier this month, but his partnership with his dad was formed years ago.

“We’ve worked together my entire life, my earliest projects, boy scout box car races and things like that, we’ve always been working and building and doing things together,” says Dr. Michael Florack.

“Even during his fellowship I was reaching out to him, I’d have a difficult fracture come in and I’d be thinking about things and I would text him and say ok, I’m sending a photo, with no patient identifying data just so we’re clear about that, and say well I got this problem and this is what I’m thinking about it, and what do you think, the kind of thing you do with your partners here,” adds Dr. Tom Florack.

Already in their first month together, the Floracks have found themselves in the operating room together, and they both admire each other’s talent and expertise.

“The first time that were were in the operating room together, you kind of were like well, so how is this going to be, and it was easy,” says Dr. Tom Florack.

“There’s no great partner possible than my dad, so as someone coming in as a junior partner, looking for a senior partner that’s done it successfully and very well for a number of years, been able to keep current, been able to adapt and evolve with medicine as it changes, while providing really high level care, I think my dad just exemplifies that,” says Dr. Michael Florack.

“Honestly if there’s anything, the flow if information is more from Michael to me than the other way, and am I still doing it right kind of thing, am I staying current in my knowledge, oh good, I’m glad I’m doing a good job,” adds Dr. Tom Florack.

A unique family connection that’s just getting started.

“My dad picked out a good career path and I’m happy to follow him along in that,” says Dr. Michael Florack with a smile.

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