Fitchburg man participates in “antibody cocktail” trial at UW-Health similar to President Trump

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 10:50 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A Fitchburg man said he is feeling great Monday after participating in the “antibody cocktail trial” at UW-Health.

President Donald Trump took the experimental drug after testing posited for COVID-19.

Lane Manning said he got word of a Regeneron trial at UW-Health, the study which examines an experimental drug, that is trying to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. He signed up right away.

This is a double-blinded study, meaning neither the patient nor the doctor know if the patient will receive a placebo or the medicine. The data will not be released until the end of the study.

Manning said he received a substance through an IV for nearly six hours. He said one of his initial symptoms, fatigue, went away afterwards.

“If I can be an example or a guinea pig, if you will, to try and find a way to help other people, it’s a no brainier in my opinion,” Manning said.

William Hartman, principal investigator of the trial, said the drug decreases viral load and recovery time.

“These two things together will have the patient hopefully get better and have their symptoms alleviated so they don’t have to go to the hospital,” Hartman said.

Hartman added the drug has been safe so far, but they don’t know all the side effects this early in the study.

“There’s very few risks. There’s also a chance someone can have a reaction to the medicine that hasn’t been seen yet," he said.

He said there’s a few months left in the study, but up until now the drug has proven to be effective.

“I think this can give people a little hope,” Hartman said.

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