Joe Biden holds 5-point lead over President Trump in latest poll

Published: Oct. 7, 2020 at 4:44 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a five-point lead on President Donald Trump in the latest Marquette Law School poll that was released Wednesday.

Biden was the choice of 46% likely Wisconsin voters while President Trump was supported by 41% of voters.

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen was in favor by 4%, while 8% said they would not be voting for any of these candidates, did not know how they would be voting or declined to say.

A plurality of all age groups with the exception of one favored Biden, as opposed to President Trump or Jorgensen.

Marquette found that the only age group Biden didn’t win was the 30-44 age group, where he received 41% of the favor. President Trump received the plurality with 46% of the poll and Jorgensen received 5% for this group.

Joe BidenDonald TrumpJo JorgensenNone of these/someone elseDon’t knowRefused

This poll shows little change in preference or attitudes following the first presidential debate and after the president tested positive from COVID-19.

More male Wisconsin voters favored President Trump, 49%, as opposed to Biden, 40%. The majority of female Wisconsin voters favored Joe Biden, 52%, as opposed to President Trump, 34%. Jorgensen received 4% favor from both male and female voters.

Marquette Law School polled 805 registered Wisconsin voters by phone from Sept. 30-Oct. 4 to acquire these numbers. The margin of error is +/-4.2% for the full sample. There were 700 likely voters polled with a margin of error of +/-4.6%.

There were five items added to the survey once President Trump announced his positive COVID-19 test and those questions were asked from Oct. 2-4 to 344 registered voters with a margin of error of +/-6.4%.

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