Digging deeper into the Gov. Evers recall effort

NBC15 Investigates connects with organizers in the 'Recall Gov. Tony Evers Now' group.
Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Tuesday marks week from the deadline for signatures to recall Gov. Tony Evers.

NBC15 Investigates looked at some mixed reports about exactly how many signatures the group has collected so far.

The ‘Recall Gov. Tony Evers Now’ group has until Oct. 27 to collect and submit more than 668,000 valid signatures.

Yesterday, several organizers reported they had reached that number already. One of those organizers is Misty Polewczynski.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday night that Polewczynski posted on Facebook about, “making up information” during news interviews.

The NBC15 News team reached out to Polewczynski directly. In an e-mail, she said the newspaper is, “picking and choosing comments to discredit the recall effort.”

Organizer Misty Polewczynski responds to accusations of mixed messages in an email to NBC15 News.
Organizer Misty Polewczynski responds to accusations of mixed messages in an email to NBC15 News.(WMTV)

Tuesday afternoon, the NBC15 News team reached out to another member of the group about the confusion of the number of signatures reported.

“We’re not trying to deceive you, we’re not trying to deceive anyone,” Nick Kind, member of Recall Gov. Tony Evers Now said. “We have a lot of little pockets around the state, so to have a precise count at any given moment makes it difficult. We have a running total of verified and proofread [totals], and then we have that gray zone of people who are reporting numbers, but until they’re in our hands, they’re not totally accounted for.”

During the weekly Department of Health Services (DHS) call, a reporter asked Gov. Evers about his thoughts on these efforts to recall him.

“This is not a high priority for me to be thinking about,” Gov Evers said. “There are lots of other things, that are more important to me.”

If enough valid signatures are submitted by Oct. 27, there would be a recall election scheduled in 2021.

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