Menomonee Falls voters receive completed ballots by accident

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 7:57 PM CDT
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MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (WMTV) - The clerk’s office in Menomonee Falls near Milwaukee is responding to a ballot mix-up Tuesday where two voters got absentee ballots that were already filled out.

WISN reports a ballot was returned to the voter because she forgot to sign it, but when she opened it, she realized it was another woman’s ballot.

The village clerk, Janice Moyer, said it was a simple but regrettable error. A worker reportedly had two ballot envelopes to return to voters and mixed them up by accident.

“What happened is, we had two of these that we sent out, and the inside part which had the ballot in it, they were just flipped and that’s just a staff error,” Moyer told WISN. “We do try and watch all those things and we double check, but we’ve sent out thousands and sometimes things do get mixed up.”

The woman who received the wrong ballot, Jennifer, raised concerns of ballot security.

“I just would have thought they would have had a lot more double checks in place to make sure you’re sending people the right ballots,” she told WISN.

In her 40 years as clerk, Moyer said she has never seen a mistake like this. To date, she says she has not heard of any other ballot issues.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said voters should still be confident when casting their ballot.

“Our system has been tested before in Wisconsin,” he told WISN. “We’ve had a lot of close elections. We had a statewide recount following the 2016 presidential election, and there are audits conducted after elections, and what those tests have shown is that our system is highly reliable and secure and that Wisconsinites can have confidence in the results.”

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