“Be Like Mike Award” presented to M3 Insurance

M3 Insurance employees have actively donated to NBC15′s Share Your Holidays campaign over the years
Published: Nov. 15, 2020 at 8:34 AM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - From volunteering to work the phones at the Share Your Holidays Grand Finale, to sorting food at the Sort-a-Thon, or volunteering at the food bank...even donning brightly colored clothing for “Go Orange Day”, M3 Insurance employees have always been there for NBC15′s Share Your Holidays Campaign. They’ve even take an “in-your-face” approach to fundraising, having fun raising money by smashing pies into each other’s faces.

M3 Insurance CEO Mike Victorson said, “It help builds our culture, and it helps people get excited that they’re connected to something bigger than themselves. We got connected a long time ago to Second Harvest. First and foremost, they just became a massive community partner for us."

Victorson said, “We get asked to describe our culture often, and two things we talk about a lot are being generous with our time and with our money...but also understanding we’re connected. We have to build a connected life with each other...and that really helps build our culture. We have to live a connected life with our community and being connected to Second Harvest and Share Your Holidays helps us do that.”

Victorson added, “It’s a time of year when you think about people that need ‘team’...and need other people to come around and rally to help them have as good a holiday as they can." That’s what the “Share Your Holidays to Eliminate Hunger Campaign” has been about over the past quarter of a century.

M3 CEO Mike Victorson holds the 2020 Be Like Mike Award, presented by Second Harvest Food Bank...
M3 CEO Mike Victorson holds the 2020 Be Like Mike Award, presented by Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin and NBC15.(WMTV)

Second Harvest and NBC15 have named M3 Insurance as the business recipient of the 2020 Be Like Mike Award, which is named after the late NBC15 news anchor Mike McKinney, and Mike Hart--the two original founders of the campaign.

McKinney faced days as a child when food was hard to come by, and wanted to help those in South Central Wisconsin facing the same challenges. Hart helped bring McKinney’s vision for an annual food drive to life by organizing the logistics of the drive through the Wisconsin National Guard.

Victorson said he is honored and humbled that M3 Insurance employees received this year’s “Be Like Mike Award". “I had the pleasure of knowing Mike McKinney and his Mom. He was a tremendous man.” Looking at the award, Victorson said, “How nice to be like Mike!”

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