Class During Covid: Madison College Paramedic Program director grateful as Thanksgiving approaches

But concern looms about post-Thanksgiving spike in cases
Published: Nov. 22, 2020 at 6:40 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - NBC15 News has been following five different classrooms this semester, from elementary school to college level, in our “Class During Covid” series.

John Stofflet checks in with the director of the Madison College Paramedic Program on how things are going as the Thanksgiving break approaches. Specifically, they talked about the Paramedic Academy, an accelerated program meeting in-person on-campus. Paramedic Academy students are learning the advanced liefsaving skills they will need to become paramedics in our area communities.

Madison College Paramedic Academy students train using a high tech "manikin".
(Photo: Madison...
Madison College Paramedic Academy students train using a high tech "manikin". (Photo: Madison College)(Madison College)

John Stofflet: “Brandon, you guys have been fortunate in that you are one of the few classes at Madison College where students can meet in-person and on-campus for the Paramedic Academy. What’s that the status of the class right now?

Brandon Ryan: “Right now, classes are going full force. We are still meeting in-person for both lectures and class. We do have a couple of staff that have kind of come down with some COVID symptoms. We have had some students that have had to isolate and attend virtually, but class is up and running and things are going as good as can be in 2020.”

John Stofflet: “As Thanksgiving approaches, what’s going through your mind, as the director of this program?”

Brandon Ryan: ““I’m happy that the students are going to be able to have a little bit of a break. Same with staff. Everybody...really more so than other years... we need a little bit of a breather--time to just kind of reflect and re-charge our batteries moving forward. I am worried that we may have different networks of friends we come in contact with. I’m worried there’s going to be a spike in COVID. I hope that doesn’t happen. As far as our students, they understand hand hygiene and face masks. They do all of the right things. If it happens, it happens, but really that’s my concern. But hopefully the rest and relaxation aspect of the break will outweigh the negative potential outcomes.”

John Stofflet: “What are you thankful for, now that we’re in Thanksgiving week. What are you thankful for in this very challenging year?”

Brandon Ryan: “I am so thankful for our dedicated staff, and our students’ attitudes in their stick-to-it behavior. We wouldn’t be able to keep doing this if our students weren’t on-board...if our faculty weren’t as dedicated as they are. It just makes my job easier, it makes the student experience better, and we’re just really blessed all around with the people we have in our program, and the students that have chosen to enroll in our program.”

John Stofflet: “That’s great. I wish you, your family, and all of the students a Happy Thanksgiving--a little bit of rest for all of you, and continued good health.”

Brandon Ryan: “Thank you, John. Same to you.”

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