This 102-year-old beat escaped the Spanish flu and has beat COVID-19 - Twice!

Angelina Friedman
Angelina Friedman(CNN Newssource)
Published: Dec. 3, 2020 at 5:04 PM CST
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NORTH WESTCHESTER, NY (CNN) - A New York centenarian lived through the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and now she has beaten COVID-19 twice.

Angelina Friendman is a survivor in every sense of the word. In addition to the 1918 outbreak, she’s also survived cancer, internal bleeding, and sepsis. Then, in April, she survived coronavirus.

According to her daughter, the 102-year-old Friedman also survived a second coronavirus diagnosis this fall. Friedman is now back in her regular room at North Westchester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center.

While she has lost most of her hearing and her vision is poor, Friedman is still celebrating life. She’s a big knitter and likes to make things for visitors.

Friedman was given a big party for her 101st birthday and, last year, she was even crowned prom queen.

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