Here’s who is invited to testify at Wisconsin’s elections hearing

From left: Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump each speak early Nov. 4,...
From left: Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump each speak early Nov. 4, 2020, as vote counting continues.(WRDW)
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 5:19 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The chair of the Assembly committee running the recent investigation of allegations of election in Wisconsin released the list of the individuals invited to testify at Friday’s initial hearing.

Rep. Ron Tusler (R-Harrison) released the list Thursday and has told NBC15 that he anticipates most everyone on it will be available.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced the hearing last Friday, explaining the Committee on Campaigns and Elections received thousands of complaints about the November vote and has reviewed them over the past month. He did not indicate the nature of the complaints or against whom they were lodged.

  • Dan O’Donnell - Talk-show host
  • Tom Sylke - Former member of Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. board of directors
  • Ken Dragotta - Republican Party of Waukesha Co.
  • Dean Knudson - Wisconsin Elections Commission commissioner
  • Michael Gableman - former Wisconsin Supreme Co. Justice
  • Erick Kaardal - Kanye West’s campaign attorney
  • Bob Spindell - Wisconsin Elections Commission commissioner
  • Nathan Pease - whistleblower
  • Scott McDonell - Dane Co. Clerk
  • Rick Baas - Milwaukee Co. Republican spokesperson
  • Concerned Wisconsin residents

Following the investigation, Tusler is expected to deliver a report on his findings.

State Representatives Mark Spreitzer (D - Beloit), Lisa Subeck (D - Madison), JoCasta Zamarripa (D - Milwaukee) released a statement backing the election officials who oversaw the election and counted the votes, saying they “acted with integrity and dedication” only to have Speaker Robin Vos question their ethics.

“When the Speaker first floated his idea for this sham hearing almost one month ago, it was irresponsible, unnecessary, and unfounded,” they said. “Now that the results have been scrutinized and confirmed again and again, this cynical attempt to undermine the will of the people is shameful.”

With the hearing this Friday, however, the committee only has a few days if expects to find anything that could cause state lawmakers to consider overturning Wisconsin voters and naming its own slate of electors.

President-elect Joe Biden won Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes. Wisconsin Election Commission Chair Ann Jacobs signed off on his victory over President Donald Trump last month following recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties and the results were soon certified by Gov. Tony Evers.

Barring any changes by other states or faithless electors, Wisconsin’s electoral votes would not make a difference in the overall race, as Biden is expected to claim 306 electoral votes, 26 more than needed to secure the presidency.

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