Car wash owners experience break-ins worth thousands in damage

Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 9:30 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -Some car wash owners are close to nixing the cash option after a handful of break-ins in our viewing area.

A Dane County car wash owner said he experienced break-ins at both Magic Car Wash locations.

“This location in Madison, we’ve been here 20 years. It’s the worst we’ve ever seen it,” Dan Foor, Magic Wash owner said.

Magic Wash is a family business and Foor’s livelihood.

“My family and I put our heart and soul into these businesses,” he said.

Foor has a car wash location in Madison and Middleton. Within the last month, both of them had a break-in.

“You feel violated,” Foor said.

He said thieves are breaking into the self-serve bays and outdoor vacuums, leaving him with a $6,000 bill to fix the equipment.

“If it keeps up, I can see us going to card online and removing cash from the locations,” he said. “These people need to be stopped.”

A few miles down the road at Quick n’ Clean Car Wash in McFarland, a similar break-in took place.

“I just show up in the morning like I usually do to get to the car wash to make sure everything is clean and the trash is dumped, and both of the coin box doors are laying on the ground busted up,” Grant LaPlant, Quick n’ Clean owner said.

He said a few weeks ago he saw the damage. Now he’s ramping up security.

“Going to do alarming of coin boxes and putting more cameras up,” he said

He said the damaged coin boxes cost thousands to replace.

”Darn, frustration, really for a couple of bucks?” he said “Hoping it stops or I’m going to get rid of cash and go to credit.”

Both Madison and McFarland police said both cases are open investigations and they’re looking for a suspect.

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