State election commission creates a guide to answer voter questions

Commission launches Q&A page.
The Wisconsin Elections Commission is offering voters answers to election questions on the commission website.
Published: Dec. 23, 2020 at 8:04 AM CST
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The Wisconsin Election Commission is inundated with calls and emails from voters asking about the election process, what happens to ballots and the voter fraud allegations, and in response, the commission is launching a page on its website with answers.

The commission is answering voter questions right on the Wisconsin Election Commission website. The Q&A covers a bevy of topics, ranging from if various types of pens disqualify a ballot from the count to the truth behind if 200,000 people managed to vote without an ID.

In addition to answers, the commission also attaches links to legislation and laws behind the answers, offering a deeper look at the election process and the rules that govern it. The primary goal behind the page is to educate and inform voters on a process that is supposed to be transparent.

“We hope people will actually take the time to read the answers and follow the links that we put in there,” said Reid Magney, a public information officer for the commission. “Here’s what the statute actually says, there are no locked doors or dark corners in elections; everything is transparent.”

He added that another way to learn more about the election process is signing up to work at a polling site for the next election. Poll workers receive detailed training in election practices, and it is an opportunity to learn about an election up-close.

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