Madison lays out snow plow plan ahead of Tuesday’s storm

Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 2:29 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The City of Madison laid out its snow plowing plan for Tuesday night’s looming snowstorm and is warning drivers to expect their evening commute to be “very difficult.”

“Traveling through the city tonight and tomorrow morning will be challenging,” Streets Superintendent Charlie Romines said. “Expect snow-covered and slippery streets tonight and on through the morning on Wednesday, especially on residential streets.”

With snowfall expected to reach Madison around 4 p.m., plow trucks will begin servicing salt routes, which Romines explains is normal procedure. After the snow starts falling, thirty-two trucks will be out plowing and salting Madison’s main thoroughfares.

Three other trucks will be spreading sand on hills, curves, and intersections that are not on the salt routes.

Residential Street Plowing

Romines reminds drivers that the city does not plow residential streets while it is snowing, so they should expect them to remain snow-covered for most of the day.

The Streets Division normally does not plow all streets until the storm is over or at least winding down.

The city currently expects the storm to end around 3 a.m. and if more than three inches have fallen, the Streets Division will start its plowing operation. A further update will posted on its website closer to that time.

Even after the citywide plowing effort gets underway, Romines says it usually takes approximately 12-14 hours for them to complete it. Therefore, some roads may not be reached until Wednesday afternoon or evening.

He urges people not to park their vehicles on the street and follow all posted parking restrictions to make plow drivers’ work easier.

Finally, trash and recycling will go on as usual Wednesday morning, but people are asked not to put their trash or recycling carts in street gutters for pickup. Also, anyone who put a Christmas tree out for collection may want to move it, so it does not become buried in the snow.

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