Sen. Johnson clashes with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press

(Andrew Harnik | AP)
Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 3:51 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson appeared on Meet the Press Sunday morning where he spoke to his decision to join with nearly a dozen other Republican senators pledging to reject the presidential election results.

Despite alleging wide-spread voter fraud Johnson did concede that Joe Biden won Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. He went on to speak about his support for creating an electoral commission to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election results from disputed states, however.

“We are not acting to thwart the democratic process, we are acting to protect it,” Johnson said. “The fact of the matter is that we have an unsustainable state of affairs in this country where we have tens of millions of people that do not view this election result as legitimate. We’ve just come off of four years where the other side refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Trump, and here we are again.”

“You’re the arsonist”

The discussion with MTP host Chuck Todd grew increasingly tense as Johnson was pressed on his claims of fraud despite there being no evidence.

“You’re the arsonist here. President Trump is the arsonist here,” Todd said. “You’ve started this fire and now you’re saying ‘woah, look at this! Oh my god! All these people believe what we told them,’ because you didn’t have the guts to tell them this election was fair.”

Todd further pressed Johnson on the purpose of forming such a coalition after Johnson said it wasn’t to overturn the election and denied it was for gaining political favor. Johnson said it was rather to be “transparent.”

“There is a double standard here and we are not being transparent and we are dismissing the concerns of tens of millions of Americans,” Johnson said. “Again, I didn’t light this fire. This fire was lit over four years ago and we have destroyed the credibility – you have destroyed the credibility of the news media by your bias. And of course people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan destroyed the credibility of the FBI and our justice system as well. We have an enormous problem in this country, it’s unsustainable, and the only way you solve it is with information and transparency and hearings and investigations. It’s not quackery, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s what is going to be required.”

Congress is set to meet next week to count Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden as the President-election. Political experts say Republican’s efforts are unlikely to succeed.

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