VACCINE TEAM Q&A: Mammograms, side effects & efficacy

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 9:11 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -The NBC15 Vaccine Team is getting answers to your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. We’ve received questions on mammograms, side effects, and the efficacy of the shot.

QUESTION: Will the shot cause side effects?

NBC15 took this question to Doctor Matt Anderson with UW health. He says side effects can vary from person to person, but data from the vaccine trials show that a patient’s age plays a role.

“Those who are in the vaccine trials are older...tended to have fewer side effects than people who are younger thought to be due to a differential immune response..while we cant guarantee that individual will or will not have more or less side effects we can share those are the general rules of thumb,” Anderson said.

QUESTION: Does radiation have an impact on the vaccine?

NBC15 reached out to SSM health about this one. The answer is no, a mammogram will not make the vaccine any less effective. In fact, it’s actually the other way around.

Doctors say your mammogram results could be impacted by the vaccine. So, after you’ve gotten both shots, they say wait four to six weeks before getting your mammogram.

“We don’t want to have any swollen lymph nodes or false positives that may be concerning for something when its really just your body’s response to the vaccination itself,” Dr. Alison Schwartz said.

The exception would be if you had any urgent reasons not to delay a mammogram like a lump in the breast. It’s always a good idea to talk it over with your doctor before making a decision.

QUESTION: If you have no reaction to the second dose, are you COVID-19 recovered?

The NBC15 vaccine team asked Dr. Allison Schwartz at SSM Health who says that’s simply not true.

“Not having any symptoms does not correlate with having had COVID in the past, although some people are having very robust immune responses, where they get fevers or headaches or are kind of feeling off ….not having that reaction does not mean a bad thing,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz also told us studies have indicated there has been a percentage of patients who did have the antibodies from vaccination--who didn’t experience side effects from the shot.

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