MMSD kindergarten teachers prepare classrooms for in-person learning

Tuesday, March 9 is the first day back in the classroom for Madison schools.
Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 7:59 AM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Starting next week, Madison kindergarten students will head into the classroom in-person.

At Olson Elementary School, kindergarten teacher Molly Schmitt is excited to meet her students for the first time.

“We have built really incredible and rich relationships with them virtually, but I’m really looking forward to the community that we’re going to continue building now that we’re in the classroom together,” said Schmitt.

She says it’s been an interesting year teaching online. On Tuesday, Schmitt will teach 12 students in the classroom and six virtually using a concurrent learning model.

“This has been a brand new teaching experience for all of us,” said Schmitt. “We definitely have some new technology that we’re going to have to work with. We’ve been doing a lot of training around it but things are always going to pop up.”

Her classroom has the desks spaced out to adhere to physical distancing and students will wear masks all day long.

Principal Christine Barone says the past year has been a whirlwind for teachers, staff, and families.

“It’s almost exactly a year since we’ve had a full student body in our building,” said Barone. “We’re excited to get back to somewhat normal. We know that it’s not normal, but to get kids back in the building is really exciting.”

Barone says she know teachers will have to adapt to the concurrent model and the technology challenges that comes with it.

“We know that there’s new technology that they’re going to have to get used to,” said Barone. “It’s just going to take a little time.”

Olson Elementary School is following COVID-19 safety precautions, such as spacing out seats in classrooms and having hand sanitizer at the ready.

Families do have the choice to keep their child learning virtually. To read more about the MMSD reopening plan, click HERE.

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