Wisconsin won’t have to worry about Brood X, but it’s a good preview

What to know about Brood X.
17-year Cicadas, dubbed Brood X, are back
17-year Cicadas, dubbed Brood X, are back(WITN)
Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 8:00 AM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Over the coming weeks, Periodical Cicadas will begin to emerge, taking to the air by the billions in a group called Brood X, appearing after 17-years underground.

While this will impact up to 15 states, Wisconsin should not see any of the bugs, but it will serve as a preview.

“We won’t see them here in Wisconsin; however, we do see periodical cicadas; here we have brood 13,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison entomologist Patrick Liesch. “Which last emerged in 2007 and in 2024, we’re going to hit that 17-year mark.”

These cicadas preparing to emerge have been feeding off the sap from tree roots underground for over a decade. Now, they are getting ready to take flight, but only when the temperature is right.

“When they hit that 17-year mark, they are going to come up a little shallower in the soil, and they’re waiting for the soil temperature to hit 64 degrees,” said Liesch.

Once the cicadas are above ground, they will live 4-6 weeks, breeding and laying eggs before dying. The female cicada will make an incision on a twig or small branch, where she will lay hundreds of eggs before dying. When the cicada nymphs hatch out of the eggs, they will drop down to the dirt, burrow down to the roots and wait 17 years to reappear.

Cicadas can cause damage to young trees, as the cuts in the branches can lead to the branch dying.

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