THE PERFECT BRAT: How the NBC15 team builds up their favorite brat

2021 Bring Your Own Bratfest logo
2021 Bring Your Own Bratfest logo(Brat Fest)
Published: May. 27, 2021 at 9:36 PM CDT|Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 3:01 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - While the world may not quite back to cranking out 12,000 bratwursts per hour at the Alliant Energy Center yet to celebrate Brat Fest, organizers are holding the 2021 Build Your Own Brat Fest to kick of Memorial Day weekend.

The NBC15 News team shared what makes the perfect brat- toppings, buns, beverage pairing, location and more!

To see a full list of Brat Fest event locations, click here.

Leigh Mills: “I like my brat grilled and on a bun with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, onions and relish. Yum!”

Leigh Mills with her ideal brat.
Leigh Mills with her ideal brat.(Leigh Mills)

James Parish: “What kind do you like best? I like all kinds - Is there a kind of brat that isn’t delicious?

What toppings? Original Bertman Ball Park Mustard (It’s an Ohio thing) and grilled onions

Grilled or boiled in beer? Grilled

Bun or no bun? Bun! I don’t think I could eat one without a bun.

Veggie brat? I would try it, but I would prefer a meat brat.”

George Balekji: “Like my brats grilled, on a bun with relish. But to be honest, I’m an Italian sausage with onions and peppers guy. No disrespect to my brats out there! Just the Jersey in me sticking to what I grew up on every summer!”

Mike “Jocko” Jacques: “I actually love chicken or turkey brats…SPICY PLEASE… grilled of course, but boiled in beer first… preferably Guinness (although I hate to waste a good Guinness). Usually just plain…on a bun… if I’m a little crazy I’ll put some grilled onions on top…and some secret stadium sauce. Now I’m hungry.”

Mike Jacques at Brat Fest
Mike Jacques at Brat Fest(Mike Jacques)

Michelle Baik: “I sadly have to admit that I haven’t had a true brat, Wisco-style. But I’ve been meaning to try the double brat roll at the Old Fashioned!”

Erin Sullivan: “Gotta have it on a bun, grilled, Chicago style toppings 🙂”

Caroline Peterson: “I love the variety of brats! Whether its a VEGAN brat, or covered in sauerkraut and mustard, I’m all in! My favorite place to enjoy one is sitting right on the Memorial Union Terrace- looking at Lake Mendota during golden hour.”

Gabriella Rusk: “I like my brat grilled, with a toasted bun, and usually eat it with ketchup. Pairing it with a New Glarus beer is a must for me too! Cheers!”

Gabriella Rusk reveals her favorite brat.
Gabriella Rusk reveals her favorite brat.(Gabriella Rusk)
Elizabeth Wadas
Elizabeth Wadas(Elizabeth Wadas)

Elizabeth Wadas: “My ideal brat would be a jalapeño cheddar brat, beer boiled THEN lightly grilled for those gorgeous grill marks. Top that puppy with grilled onions and peppers. Put it in a Kaiser roll with light ketchup. The juicier, the better.”

Maria Lisignoli: “I like my brat grilled with relish, onions, and yellow mustard on a toasted bun. Preferably eaten while on a beach but anywhere will do.”

John Stofflet: “Grilled brat (after being boiled in beer). Onions and brown mustard.”

John Stofflet takes a picture from Brat Fest.
John Stofflet takes a picture from Brat Fest.(John Stofflet)

Colton Molesky: “The BEST brat is a beer brat, with sautéed onions, sauerkraut, and horseradish mustard. All stuffed in a brat bun. I have eaten thousands of brats to come to this conclusion.”

Isabel Lawrence: “I just like a basic grilled brat, in a toasted bun, with some ketchup and maybe a litttttle bit of mustard.”

Elise Romas poses with her double brat.
Elise Romas poses with her double brat.(Elise Romas)

Elise Romas: “IDEAL BRAT: Two brats in a Kaiser roll, with Dijon mustard and relish”

Tim Elliott: -”I like all Brats.

-I like ‘em with ketchup AND mustard.

-Grilled, preferred but I’ll eat ‘em boiled in brew too.

-Bun all day.

-I’ll eat a veggie brat, sure.”

Tim Elliott at Brat Fest.
Tim Elliott at Brat Fest.(Tim Elliott)

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