Complaint sheds new light on deadly hit-and-run, bond set at $1K

(Source: Associated Press)
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 2:39 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The man accused of killing a pedestrian in a weekend hit-and-run told investigators he knew he hit something but was not sure what. He went on to say that the collision frightened him and he was sure if an object had been thrown at his car, so he fled the scene, according to prosecutors.

The suspect, Antoine Johnson, was officially charged Thursday with hit and run – resulting in death and misdemeanor bail jumping. Johnson, 35, is accused in the death of Sean Crisco, who was found lying in the 800 block of E. Washington Ave. The 30-year-old Crisco was pronounced dead at the scene.

Johnson appeared in court Thursday for a bond hearing. At that time, the judge set his bail at $1,000 and ordered he cannot drink alcohol or possess any controlled substances without a prescription, nor is he allowed to drive a vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Johnson, prosecutors explain that a Madison Police Dept. officer spotted Crisco on Saturday morning, around 1:20 a.m., lying in the median between N. Paterson St. and N. Livingston St. In her report, the officer noted several people had already stopped and were standing around Crisco at the time.

The officer who stopped recounted to investigators that she later viewed recordings of the Crisco being struck and determined that the car hit him just moments before her arrival. She indicated that Johnson’s car, a red Chevrolet Impala, did not stop and turned right at the next intersection, onto Livingston Ave.

The complaint states Johnson was heading inbound on East Washington Ave. at the time and noted that direction of traffic had the green light. It noted that Crisco might have been in the crosswalk at the time.

A second MPD officer who arrived at the scene shortly afterwards located several pieces from headlights and grill on the ground and took note that one of them was labeled as a “Impala 06-” part, which corresponded with the vehicle involved.

The Madison Police Dept. issued an alert after the crash asking the public for information about the hit-and-run and within a half-day, investigators received a tip about a red Impala with significant front-end damage parked in a lot on Fordem Court. Investigators were able to link Johnson to the car based on an incident that happened in March, the complaint stated.

Prosecutors said an officer made contact with Johnson on Tuesday and he surrendered to police. It was at that time, Johnson told investigators he was not sure what the collision was and claimed he only learned that he struck a person later from news reports and family.

If convicted on the hit-and-run count, Johnson would face up to 25 years in prison and a fine as high as $100,000.

During Thursday’s court appearance, prosecutors had advocated for a $10,000 cash bond, arguing that because it happened at 1:20 a.m. the defendant would have likely been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Johnson’s attorney pointed out that his client did not have much money and claimed Johnson had a good record for showing up for court appearances.

The judge agreed with the public defender’s latter argument, but ruled bond should be set at $1,000 because the seriousness of the charge should require a cash bond.

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