Bucks receive 2021 NBA Championship rings

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 7:53 PM CDT
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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY) - The bling has been unveiled!

The Milwaukee Bucks received their 2021 NBA Championship ring Tuesday night ahead of the season opener against the Brooklyn Nets at Fiserv Forum.

In addition to the ring, the banner to commemorate the championship was also unveiled.

Players, coaches, front office members and owners will receive the signature ring, while all full-time Bucks staff will receive a ring with a similar design.

The specialty ring includes 360 diamonds on the top to represent the total wins since ownership purchased the team, with 16 emerald shaped diamonds on the left side to represent the 16 playoff wins during the championship run. In addition, the designer says another 16 emerald shaped diamonds are on the right side for the 16 division titles in team history.

The designer, Jason of Beverly Hills, says in total there are about 4.14 carats of emeralds to represent the city’s area code, and the 50 round stones on the inner bezel stand for the 50 years since the team’s last championship win.

Other details on the ring include trophies on the inside to represent the two franchise championship, with the architecture of Fiserv Forum being featured on the side. The team says there are about three carats of stones on the shank to represent the three conference championships in Bucks history, and about 0.53 carats on the World Champions wording on the ring represents the total number of years the Bucks have existed.

In addition, the ring has a removable top which allows a QR code to be be scanned, and then plays a video with memorable moments from the season.

Commemorative rings and jewelry for fans can be bought by CLICKING HERE.

Earlier in the day, the Bucks announced they have sold out of full season ticket memberships for the season.

They added this was the first time in team history the Bucks have sold out of full season ticket memberships.

Also for the first time in team history, they created a full season ticket membership wait list. To join the list, you can CLICK HERE.

Officials say limited partial season ticket memberships are still available for the season, and you can get those tickets by CLICKING HERE.

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