MPD: 96 percent of officers, staff fully vaccinated against COVID-19

The Madison Police Department says most of their officers and staff are fully vaccinated.
Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 10:58 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - From Seattle, to Chicago, to New York City, law enforcement officers nationwide are protesting vaccines mandates -- arguing city workers should get the choice whether to be vaccinated or not. But as these tensions build over vaccine mandates in large metro areas, the Madison Police Department says most of their officers and staff are fully vaccinated, because they understand that protecting public safety involves protecting public health.

Since August, when officials announced the vaccine mandate for all city and Dane County employees, Madison Police Captain Matt Tye says the department has tracked a 95 percent vaccination rate among its 487 commissioned and sworn officers. Tye says that percentage increases slightly -- to 96 percent -- when the 117 civilian staff are accounted for.

“I don’t think we are having that sort of animosity with the mayor’s policy that you’re seeing in a lot of other cities,” Tye said.

For the small group of employees who are not fully vaccinated, Tye says they must submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. But the department is still encouraging and educating employees on the benefits of vaccines.

“I think this is importance because keeping the people safe who keep us safe is very important,” said Dr. Ashley Anderson, MPD’s Medical Director of 15 years.

Anderson says that while a 100 percent vaccination rate among any population is nearly impossible, the department is proud of the rate they are at now.

“It speaks to the responsibility that officers feel to our community and the responsibility they feel to the people they protect,” said Anderson.

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