NBC News targets Dane Co. for County to County 2022 election coverage

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 7:52 AM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - NBC News is taking a closer look at voters and voting habits, one year out from the 2022 midterm election. NBC News Political Director and “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd is spearheading the effort called “County to County” which will focus in on seven counties across the country, include Dane County.

“Look, it’s not about who wins Dane, democrats always win Dane County -- it’s Madison,” said Todd. “That’s not the issue. The issue is by how much are they going to win it. The issue is going to be ‘are these younger more progressive voters, are they enthusiastic enough to show up to the polls in a mid-term election?’ younger voters in general don’t always do that,”

NBC News says the project “couples data and on-the-ground reporting to watch the political realignment happening in this country in real time.” Todd says Madison is a college town and how things shake out in Madison is a good indication of how things will shake out in other college towns.

“What happens in a college town like Madison happens in college towns in East Lansing, in Ames, Iowa City, and these other battleground states. And it’s due to the same phenomenon: ‘will younger voters, who were enthusiastic to vote out Trump, show up with the same intensity in the mid-term elections?’ Which is why we wanted to be on the ground to see what is resonating with these younger voters in Dane County,”

In the last presidential election in 2020, Milwaukee County was put under the spotlight.

“In 2020, Milwaukee County was one of the counties they focused in on. In order to study the importance of African American turnout in urban America, Milwaukee County was one of our counties to watch because we wanted to be in a state that is always a closely contested, battleground state,” said Todd.

Todd says Wisconsin will once again play a pivotal role in the balance of power in Congress in2022.

“We don’t have many swing counties anymore. Wisconsin is really probably the perfect example of this. It is an incredibly closely contested state on the statewide level but in many ways the counties are decidedly red or blue. There’s very few light red or light blue counties in Wisconsin and we are seeing that shrinking. So, in order to study the electorate and to see which way things are going, you have to take a piece of it,”

The “County to County” series is a weeklong, network-wide show that started on Tuesday October 26th. The project is also slated to continue beyond this week all the way through the 2022 midterm elections

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