72-hour live stream event takes you inside the real “Conjuring” house this Halloween weekend

Exterior of the real "Conjuring House"
Exterior of the real "Conjuring House"(The Dark Zone)
Published: Oct. 29, 2021 at 8:08 AM CDT
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(WSAW) - As Halloween approaches, one of the best-known haunted houses is the infamous Conjuring house in Harrisville, Rhode Island – made popular in both books and the blockbuster film, “The Conjuring”. The first Conjuring movie tells the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s experience at the farm on Round Top Road. But the movie only scratches the surface. What really went on inside this portal disguised as a farmhouse - for the family that lived there - was harrowing. The Perron family resided amidst angels, entities and the unexplained for 10 years.

“Within five minutes of moving into the farmhouse, the first week of January 1971, I saw a full body apparition that I didn’t know wasn’t flesh and blood,” recalled Andrea Perron, the eldest Perron daughter, in an interview with NewsChannel 7′s Holly Chilsen. “I saw him completely solid. My sister Nancy saw him evaporate into thin air, and that was our initiation from becoming a normal family to a paranormal family. The thing that was scariest about living in the house was never knowing what was coming next.”

Now for the first time ever, Friday, Oct. 29 – Sunday, Oct. 31, The Dark Zone network will have a new interactive live-stream event like no other, entitled “The House: A Homecoming.” The three-day live immersive experience documents the return of the Perron family and looks at the daily lives of the Heinzen family, the current residents of the notorious haunted house. It turns you the viewer into a paranormal investigator.

“They’re the ones watching the ISO cams at three in the morning, watching doors open by themselves, catching light anomalies as they form in certain rooms,” said Susan Slaughter of the Travel Channel’s, Paranormal Caught on Camera. “So it allows us to have thousands of eyes reviewing the evidence for us, and that’s the great thing about having technology like this [today]. We as investigators lean on other people without contaminating the environment so that phenomena can happen as it does. I do think that members of the Perron family are conduits for this type of energy to happen so we’re just going to plug that battery right into the location and see what happens.”

The live event starts at 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29. Just go to The Dark Zone network’s website. Tickets cost $19.99 for the entire 72-hour event. You’ll have access to ISO cams set up in various rooms and chat rooms to talk to the Perron family and paranormal investigators.

And now that the real Conjuring house is up for sale, this may be the last chance at access to the house and its ghostly and celestial inhabitants.

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