Madison’s one of the worst cities to get a doughnut, reports

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Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 9:56 AM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - For all of the lists of great cities that Madison finds itself at or near the top, at least one group may disagree: doughnut lovers. A new study shows the city as one of the worst places in the country to find one of the sweet treats.

In fact, southern Wisconsin does not seem to be a doughnut mecca because Milwaukee joined the Wisconsin capital in the bottom 10 in’s list of Best Places to get a doughnut in the country. Now, it’s important to note the study does not speak to quality of the bakeries in a given city; instead, it rates them by the number in proportion to other factors.

To complete the study, took the 150 largest cities in America and determined how many doughnut shops there were per capita and per square mile as well as the number of them compared to other businesses in the city. Combined, Madison finished 8th from the bottom, while Milwaukee was 10th from last.

Madison & Milwaukee rankings (out of 150)

Overall RankCityPopulationDonuts per business (Rank)Donuts per sq. mile (Rank)Donuts per capita (Rank)

Those people who need something to dunk in their morning coffee are going to have to head to the East Coast. The top seven cities in the rankings span the narrow stretch from northern New Jersey through upstate New York and into New England. Although, anyone on a quick trip to Chicago should not have much trouble finding a spot, with the Windy City sneaking into the top 10 for most per square mile. (12th overall)

Top Ten Overall

Overall RankCityPopulationDonuts per business (Rank)Donuts per sq. mile (Rank)Donuts per capita (Rank)
1Worcester, Massachusetts185,428393
2Rochester, New York205,6952551
3Jersey City, New Jersey262,0755115
4Providence, Rhode Island179,8832135
5Buffalo, New York255,2841074
6Newark, New Jersey282,0117411
7Boston, Massachusetts692,60024214
8Orlando, Florida287,44253162
9Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1,584,06419618
10McKinney, Texas199,1772256

Bottom 10 Overall (ranked from worst)

Overall RankCityPopulationDonuts per business (Rank)Donuts per sq. mile (Rank)Donuts per capita (Rank)
1Sioux Falls, South Dakota183,793150147150
2Montgomery, Alabama198,525146149147
3Spokane, Washington222,081149135148
4Laredo, Texas262,491140142149
5Anchorage, Alaska288,000144150144
6Brownsville, Texas182,781127148145
7Memphis, Tennessee651,073141140143
8Madison, Wisconsin259,680145125141
9Minneapolis, Minnesota429,60614896146
10Milwaukee, Wisconsin590,157143103142

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