Blackhawk Ski Club hosts 75th annual ski jumping tournament

Fresh snow falls in perfect time for the Middleton competition
Blackhawk Ski Club hosts 75th Annual Ski Jumping Tournament
Blackhawk Ski Club hosts 75th Annual Ski Jumping Tournament(Marcus Aarsvold)
Published: Jan. 23, 2022 at 4:45 PM CST
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MIDDLETON, Wis. (WMTV) - Ski jumping remains popular for the Blackhawk Ski Club after 75 years of winter sport activity.

The eight, 18, and 30 meter jumps can take athletes far.

“Sometimes when you go off of jumps you’re like, ‘Woah this is farther than I thought,’'’ Westby Ski Club Jumper Boone said.

Distance is a big part of the competition, but there are also points for style and landing techniques.

“Back in the day they just thought it would be more stylish that you land with one foot in front of the other,” Blackhawk Ski Club Coach Erik Gessner said.

He also shared that a high level landing is called a “Telemark.”

“We just try to train them to jump off of boxes and land one foot in front of the other,” Gessner said.

Black Hawk Ski Club Jumper Anton Bauer was not ready to perfect his Telemark landing this year.

“Next year the thing I’m going to be focusing on is the Tele,” Bauer said. “I’ve tried it on the eight and I still can’t even land it.”

Improvement comes with time, experience and enjoyment of the winter activity.

The flight is Bauer’s favorite part.

“I like going in the air,” he said. “So it’s a mix of everything I like because I like jumping and I like skiing. They’re my two favorite sports and then mix them together they make this and I just like gliding a lot.”

Gessner said the team jumps every weekend during Winter. Their next competition is in Iola, Wisconsin.

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