Community raises money to help a Barneveld farmer get a prosthetic

Published: Jan. 29, 2022 at 11:03 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Three months after a traumatic accident, a Barneveld farmer is healing and getting the help from a family friend who wants to pay it forward.

In October, NBC15 spoke with Kyle Thompson from his hospital bed. His leg got caught in an auger and led to an amputation from the knee down.

Saturday, Thompson was in crutches to get around on his own. He was at a fundraiser organized to help him pay for a prosthetic.

Brenda James, who coordinated the fundraiser, said she knew Thompson long before his accident. Thompson grew up with her son; they wrestled together.

Sixteen years ago, James said Thompson and his teammates stepped up to help her. Her family went through a tragedy of their own.

“We had a house fire,” James said. “The wrestling group gave us a spaghetti fundraiser, so I thought we could do the same thing for Kyle.”

Dozens of volunteers dished out pasta to hundreds of people, well over 400, according to James. People also donated online for the raffle and silent auction, all in the name of Thompson’s recovery.

Thompson said, “Over the last two, three months, it’s been outstanding. Everybody has come forward, helping or donating.”

He continued, saying the turnout was overwhelming but not surprising, especially coming from James. “I’m thankful for it. She’s got the heart in it to give back.”

Thompson said he is hoping to be fitted for a prosthetic in April, though the skin grafts used after his amputation are taking longer than expected to heal.

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