Father, lawyer of man shot in officer-involved shooting speak out

The family of the man say they feel in the dark about the incident.
Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 9:36 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The attorney representing Quadren Wilson argues the officer-involved shooting that he says left his client with bullets in the back is, at the very least, confusing.

Attorney Steven Eisenberg says Wilson was in Madison Thursday as he often is; his family lives in the area. The 38-year-old was reportedly in his car on Madison’s east side when agents from the state Department of Criminal Investigation swarmed him.

“[Wilson] was in the process of putting his hands up when he says someone yelled ‘gun,’ but he didn’t have a gun and no gun was found,” Eisenberg said. “Numerous shots rang out. At least five hit him in the back, three of which I understand required surgery.”

Eisenberg, as well as Wilson’s father Nora Morris, feel left in the dark about the whole situation. They feel law enforcement has not been forthcoming about the shooting or subsequent investigation led by third-party officials from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Both say Wilson was unarmed and not resisting arrest when officials descended on him.

“[Wilson] doesn’t know why he was shot,” Eisenberg said. “He doesn’t know what he did to be shot. He was trying to cooperate. There’s just no reason for it. It was uncalled for.”

Wilson was taken to a hospital with what the Dane County Sheriff’s Department called non-life-threatening injuries. Wilson was booked into the Dane County Jail on a parole violation hold, just one day after receiving back surgery, his father says.

“If you’ve got five bullet wounds in the back... after one day of surgery in the hospital, you need nurses to help you up, use the bathroom,” Morris said. “One leg doesn’t work. I mean he’s in pain.”

Eisenberg says his client is lucky to be alive.

“He has holes in his back covered by bandages that are very near his spine,” he said. “He’s lucky he’s not paralyzed or dead.”

The Sheriff’s Office says at the time, Wilson was wanted on a DOC warrant, but has not provided further details. Court records show several cases against Wilson, but only two are currently open. When the shooting happened, Wilson was on extended supervision for three felonies he pleaded guilty to in 2017 and wearing a GPS monitoring device. Eisenberg argues because DCI can track Wilson’s movement, and because Wilson had a parole meeting scheduled for the day after the shooting took place, a public and violent arrest was unnecessary.

“So the question obviously becomes, why didn’t all of these law enforcement agencies simply wait till he arrived at his probation officer’s office on in Beaver Dam on Friday and do the arrest then?” Eisenberg questioned.

Morris is now searching for answers.

“It wasn’t right,” he said. “No answers. How would you feel? [Police] mess with me but I do what’s right and that’s the way it is, they can do what’s wrong and that’s the way it is.”

Madison Police, whose officers helped maintain a perimeter around the scene of the officer-involved shooting, is distancing themselves from the incident, saying none of its officers were immediately involved in the shooting or witnessed it.

DCSO could not be reached for an update on the investigation.

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