Judge doesn’t dismiss Quadren Wilson’s charges linked to overdose at a McDonald’s

A Dane Co. judge rejected a motion from the man shot during an arrest in Madison last month to have charges against him dropped.
Published: Mar. 11, 2022 at 11:28 AM CST|Updated: Mar. 11, 2022 at 7:37 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A Dane Co. judge rejected a motion from the man shot during an arrest in Madison last month that included federal, state, and local law enforcement to have charges against him dropped. On Friday, attorneys for Quadren Wilson argued the allegations he sold the drugs that led to a man’s death last year should be thrown out.

After denying the Wilson’s motion, Judge Chris Taylor ordered the 38-year-old Beaver Dam man bound over for trial. Court records show the trial branch has been ordered to set a date for his arraignment. During Wilson’s initial court appearance in mid-February, Dane Co. Commissioner Jason Hanson noted that the charge related to delivering the drugs, and not the man’s death, when setting Wilson’s bail at $1,000 and ordering him not have contact with the witness cited in the complaint. He also described the entire complaint as being based on “inference” and said the evidence was “circumstantial.”

It is unclear if these accusations were the ones that led to Wilson’s arrest on Feb. 3 at a Madison carpark; however, the criminal complaint for this case indicates the Dane Co. Sheriff’s Office led the investigation. The Sheriff’s Office was not on the scene when Wilson arrest and has been tasked with investigating the officer-involved-shooting, a role that must be performed by a law enforcement agency not involved in the incident. Combined, those facts appear to indicate the charges against Wilson and his arrest were likely not directly related. Law enforcement, as well, have not given any clues to why Wilson was arrested, nor why local, state, and federal agents were involved. The Sheriff’s Office has noted that it was on a Dept. of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation warrant.

The allegations that led to Friday’s arrest were based on an April 9, 2021, call to the Sheriff’s Office regarding a man found passed out in the bathroom of a McDonald’s restaurant, in the Town of Blooming Grove. The man, who was only identified by his initials, was pronounced dead a little more than a half hour later. A woman, who described herself as the man’s friend, admitted to investigators that she had heroin on her, which officers subsequently found, according to the complaint.

The officers stated they also found a similar-looking bag and an uncapped needle next to the man in the bathroom. They reported that it and another one found near the man appeared to have been used. The complaint details how investigators stated they tied a phone number that was called multiple times that night from a payphone at the fast-food restaurant to Wilson. The complaint states that, if convicted, Wilson could face up to 15 years in prison based on the felony, as well as an additional two years because of his status as a repeat offender.

Authorities investigate an Feb. 3, 2022, officer-involved shooting that sent one man, Quadren...
Authorities investigate an Feb. 3, 2022, officer-involved shooting that sent one man, Quadren Wilson, to the hospital. He has since been released and booked into the Dane Co. jail.(WMTV-TV/Jeremy Nichols)(WMTV-TV/Jeremy Nichols)

Wilson was arrested on Feb. 3 near a carpark, at the intersection of American Parkway and East Park Blvd., on the city’s east side. During the encounter, two agents with the state Dept. of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation fired their weapons, the Dane Co. Sheriff’s Office reported.

Eleven more DCI agents, as well as three DEA agents, a trio of officers from the Madison Police Dept., a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper, and a Dept. of Natural Resources warden – 21 people, in all – participated in the arrest. MPD has previously stated that its officers were working the perimeter of the scene and did not see the shooting.

According to court records, Wilson has one open case against him in which he is charged with disorderly conduct and unlawful phone use, both of which have domestic abuse assessments. While records show activity in the case as recently as Tuesday, the next court date listed in that matter is on March 28. Dane Co. jail records show he was booked on a probation violation and does not include any other offenses.

Almost a week after an officer-involved shooting on Madison’s eastside, new video shows the moments after 38-year-old Quadren Wilson was shot.

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