Evers sustainability plan promises 40k jobs, energy independence

More than $4 million will go toward expanding health care services in Janesville and Edgerton,...
More than $4 million will go toward expanding health care services in Janesville and Edgerton, Gov. Tony Evers announced Wednesday as part of the Healthcare Infrastructure Capital Investment Grant Program.(NBC15)
Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 5:07 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The Evers Administration predicts its new sustainability plan will create tens of thousands of new jobs in the state by the end of the decade and cut energy and gas prices in the state, while reducing Wisconsin’s reliance on energy that is not produced in the Badger State.

The plan, which the administration describes as a first for Wisconsin, promises to bring approximately 40,000-plus jobs, according to a statement from Gov. Tony Evers’ Office. It also lays out a job training and apprenticeship program targeting “innovative industries and technologies.”

“Folks, the cost of doing nothing is far too high. Whether it’s farmers, manufacturers, or our outdoor recreation industry, Wisconsin’s economy depends on fresh air, clean water, and fruitful land,” Evers said in a statement. He added that Wisconsin residents owe it to their children to leave them “a better life and world than the one we inherited.”

The Evers Administration argues the amount of federal dollars sent to states throughout the pandemic offers what it described as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to implement its energy and sustainability program.

The plan was developed in conjunction with the state’s Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy, an agency created by Evers during his first year in office. The executive order creating the OSCE also set a target date of 2050 for the state to reach 100 percent carbon-free energy by mid-century.

“Over the past two years the OSCE team worked to create a collaborative path forward to address emissions in our state, and I’m looking forward to implementation of this plan and to continuing to work with partners across the state to support sustainable local economies, environmental justice, and direct actions to address climate change,” Evers continued.

The statement from the governor’s office predicted climate change would cause an increase in energy prices as Wisconsin residents deal with the wild temperature swings predicted by the climatologists. The administration noted that costs for renewable energy has hit an all-time low, which the Administration states makes it an opportune time to invest and lower energy prices going forward.

Evers claimed the state could generate more revenue for clean energy projects if it captured the $14 billion being sent out-of-state, citing a figure from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy. It did not detail what proportions of the $14 billion was going to other states or overseas.

“By expanding and speeding up production of cheaper, cleaner energy like wind and solar here in Wisconsin, we can keep our money here at home rather than relying on unpredictable markets often disrupted by foreign leaders and conflicts,” Evers said.

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