COVID-19 deaths hit 1 per day on average

Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - New numbers from the Dept. of Health Services show the seven-day rolling-average slipped Thursday. After bouncing between two and three deaths per day, on average, Wisconsin only saw an average of one death per day over the past week.

The state has not seen the number dip that low since last summer. It very briefly hit zero in July and has only intermittently reached a lone death per day average.

New daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths by date reported.
New daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths by date reported.(Dept. of Health Services)

Back-to-back days of well over 1,000 new, confirmed COVID-19 cases has sent that seven-day rolling-average soaring, to its highest point in nearly two months. On Thursday, the Dept. of Health Services recorded 1,310 new cases, a slight retreat from the 1,594 cases reported the previous day.

While the day-to-day cases may have slipped, that did not stop the seven-day rolling average from climbing to 832 cases. That’s the highest average since Feb. 23, as COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin were still falling from the Omicron surge that sent daily counts into the five digits.

Barring the day state health officials cleared a backlog of cases, Wednesday and Thursday are the only two days since Feb. 18 that saw cases top one thousand. In all, DHS has tallied 1,406,225 cases since the pandemic began.

While daily case numbers are rising, DHS’ weekly hospitalization report showed most regions holding steady and the one that was growing last week has stabilized. The Fox Valley region moved from seeing increasing hospitalizations to recording an insignificant change in the past week, DHS reported. The northeast region saw a 30% drop in cases and was the only one considered to be shrinking. The southern and southwestern parts of the state have held steady.

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